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GET Your Z's : Thursday, August 28 - According to this article on Yahoo!, sleeplessness can be battled through yoga practice. 
PARKINSON'S Promise : Thursday, August 28 - Deep brain stimulation and older Parkinson's patients is discussed in this article on Web MD. 
PRO Probiotic : Thursday, August 28 - According to Foodnavigator.com, gut bacteria that protect against food allergies show probiotic promise.


Thursday , August 28, 2014

Which Seem Even More Relevant Today
01/20/14: he challenged the very notion of "seeking" spirituality or truth, saying that if one is searching for something, then one already has an idea of what they will find. ...read more
School Is Starting For All Of Us
08/27/14: Enter the rich and mystical world of religion with internationally respected spiritual psychologist Leonard George. ...read more
Even More Attractive?
03/03/14: Does it work? CCARE's research has shown that our "compassion instinct" is trainable. The Dalai Lama was so committed to the potential of this research that he made a large financial contribution to it. ...read more

03/24/14: Yoga Sleuth was curious about the description of The Giving Tree's Zen Flow: "Blend the mindfulness of zen with anatomical awareness through meditative movement addressing the five elements and meridian pathways." Having a fascination with ...read more
12/01/13: Surya Yoga in Jersey City has a modern, fresh feeling to it with white walls and two practice rooms both with glass doors for entry. Despite the small size class size Jessica Ashen made it a point to be prompt, claiming that no matter how many of us ...read more
03/31/14: After a mopey Monday, Yoga Sleuth had a fever, and the only prescription was Laughing Lotus. My mood was instantly lifted by the cheery common area, the animal crackers and the cinnamon tea. I found my asana room thanks to the movie theater-like ...read more

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