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STOMACH Grows : Thursday, October 30 - Scientists have grown a stomach from stem cells.
LOW Carb High Fat Diets : Thursday, October 30 - Low carb high fat diets may reduce epilepsy seizures. 
MEET Nicole : Thursday, October 30 - Meet the president of the Gallatin Yoga Club at NYU. Yoga has freed her from pain and stress. 


Thursday , October 30, 2014

Are You Ready To Take It On?
10/27/14: "He wrote to us to see if we would like to work together and offer a retreat at a biodiversity research center in the Amazon - and we totally jumped on it, even though it seemed like a crazy idea!" ...read more
Improving Patient Care Where It Is Most Needed
10/27/14: Each sequence is followed by a short discussion. After the yoga portion of "How Does Street Affect Your Body?" Sirulnick and Bibiano discuss the "fight or flight" response on the nervous system and how the calming effect of grounding can counteract that ...read more
I'm Vibrating, I'm Glowing . . .
10/28/14: A sound bath seemed like an appealing variation of pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses. I wanted a wash of music that would create stimulating and healing vibrations, a sound energy shower and a therapeutic treatment in yoga class. ...read more

10/27/14: It was the kind of day when everything felt heavy - the weather, the energy around the city, and my rain boots as I trekked out to Shambhala East on an industrial block in Prospect Heights. Emily Bielagus, clearly tuned in to the overall mood of the ...read more
10/27/14: On a cold and rainy Thursday, Yoga Sleuth made her way to Laurel Beversdorf's Hatha Yoga class at YogaWorks Soho. Having visited almost all of the YogaWorks locations in New York City, I've started to become accustomed to the luxurious spaces they ...read more
10/20/14: Sleuth adores early morning yoga - the streets are quiet and the Cit Bike docks have been restocked making for an easy commute to the studio. It's also nice when the brain hasn't yet kicked into high gear so the thinking mind is more manageable. ...read more

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